NOVITA means “NEW” in Italic, suggesting innovative life style solution to the customers with constant research and development.

NOVITA is the leading manufacturer of various Electronic Bidet products in South Korea. NOVITA USA  has an exclusive dealership in the United States from NOVITA in Korea. NOVITA realizes the best customer satisfaction by high quality products and services, improvement of our technology through continuous innovation and pursuing the best value.

With its own Laboratory and Factory, NOVITA has developed and provided world-class Electronic Bidet products through its strict quality control and strategic partnership with global company such as Samsung, Toshiba and so on. We are getting top quantity level of monthly production in Korea, with such a variety of different Electronic Bidet organization successfully. At 2012, Novita’s ownership was changed to KOHLER, which is one of the biggist American company in the world. Also, it’s name has changed to KOHLER-NOVITA.

In this regards, NOVITA USA(This company changed to HAPPY SEEDS, INC.)  is now fully ready to provide high quality product our customer and make feel satisfaction completely. And so, we submit this proposal for developing clean and sanitary life spaces.