Why do you use a bidet?

Why do you use bidet?  Answer 1

Keep  your body Clean

Human anus, having as many as about 1,000 wrinkles on the surface, cannot be perfectly washed and cleaned by using toilet paper only after bowel movement. In addition, harsh soaps or wiping vigorously with toilet paper can irritate the skin around the anus, making it itchy or sore. Washing with a mild soap and/or water spray will keep the anus clean. The electronic bidet, in this regard, greatly helps maintain cleanliness of the anus and the skin around the anus as well. It also gives massaging effect through powerful water spray.

Enhance your health

It is generally known that due to heavy alcohol drinking and/or smoking or excessive stress anus-related diseases such as hemorrhoids and anal fissure are on the sharp increase nowadays. More than 50% of the average adults now suffer from anus-related diseases, and the diseases come from the bad habits in toilet room in most cases. The medical doctors specializing in the field point out that the diseases are mostly attributable to poor management in maintaining cleanliness of the anus. The doctors advise that the most important part of the management of the anus is to keep it clean though good dietary life and living habits should also be considered. They say that washing with water and perfectly drying the anus after bowel movement are critical. In reality, it is known that Indonesia has very few people suffering from hemorrhoids and the reason is that they wash the anus with water instead of using toilet paper. Urologists recommend that people should take a sit bath three to four times a day for promoting health. However, it is virtually impossible for ordinary people to do so, given today’s busy life pattern. The electronic bidet which is basically designed to wash the sensitive personal area with warm water also provides the sit bath effect. In short, using the electronic bidet ensures that the anus-related disease are properly prevented and even treated if it is not a serious case.

For women especially

Once the period starts, women should pay more attention to health care. Women are more vulnerable than men to bacterial infection which may lead to bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. In fact, women are more likely to develop cystitis than men. In addition, pregnant women who cannot move freely are highly likely to develop hemorrhoids and suffer from other anus-related diseases. They should have more sense of hygiene after delivering a baby such as maintaining cleanliness of the anus and the other sensitive area. Many obstetricians and gynecologists recommend that the pregnant women wash their sensitive personal area with the flowing clean water for cleanliness and the better blood circulation before and after delivering a baby. Using the electronic bidet will greatly help reduce the chance of bacterial infection ensuring quick recovery from childbirth.

For children safely

As children eat fast food more and more often, they are more likely to develop various anus-related diseases. In particular, children are subject to various anus-related diseases and pruritus as they are not expected to carefully clean the anus after bowel movement. The electronic bidet will help children cultivate a good habit of washing and cleaning the anus after bowel movement, which will lead them to living a more hygienic life.

For the elder or the infirm easily

For the elderly and the infirm who cannot move well, the electronic bidet is a must-have item. Without being helped by others, they can simply and easily use the bidet to wash and clean after bowel movement.