BH90, 93


– 세련된 디자인으로 제작된 리모콘을 사용 / Use smart remote controller
– 저장 물탱크없이 순간 가열방식으로 온수 공급  / Providing warm water with instant heating system, no water tank
– 인체 인식기능을 통한 비데 덮개및 시트 자동개폐 작동 / Operating cover and seat automatically opened and closed when detecting human
– 야간 조명 기능/ Lightening mood light at the dark

– 스텐인리스 노즐 채택 / Stainless steel nozzle
– 노즐 자동 세척기능 / Automatic self-cleaning nozzle system
– 노즐을 분리해 세척 가능 / Can clean nozzle to sperate from body
– 공기방울 물줄기로 부드러운 세척 / Feeling smooth with cleansing water containing air bubble.
– 변비해소를 위한 자극 기능 / Stimulating to solve constipation
– 치질 개선과 예방기능 / Preventing and improve hemorrhoids
– 노약자,어린아이를 위한 일관처리 기능 / One touch butten for old age and child

BH90: Elongated size  479 * 542 * 154 (mm,W *D*H)

BH93: Rounded size  479 * 500 * 154  (mm,W *D*H)



Color of Bidet White
Hi-End Function Automatic Lid / Seat Opening
Instant Heating ●(TFR Heater)
Remote Control ●(Touch Type)
Auto Flushing
Inbuilt Water Pump  X
Add on Function Dry Wind
Cleansing Rear Cleansing
Oscillating Spray Massage
Bubble Cleansing  (Air)
Turbo Cleansing
Automatic One Touch Cleansing
Cleansing  for Children
Healthy Course  X
Sitz Bath  X
Control Temp. Dryer
Cleansing Water
Nozzle location control
Water Pressure
Hygiene Nozzle (Ag) ion sterilize cleaning
Stainless Nozzle
(Ag) ion sterilized Nozzle
Nozzle Cleansing Automatic
Ion Filter
Anti Bacteria resin seat
One Touch Simple installation
Seat Wide Seat X
Normal Seat BH90
Small Seat BH93
Safety Material P.P_V0
Short circuit shut down
Low Temp. Burn prevention
Soft Closing (Damper)
Sensing Micro S/W  X
IR Sensor
Sensing for Auto Lid
Power Saving Normal Power Save
Excellent Power Save
Timer X